Welcome to Ascentis Global !

Ascentis Global is a brand new entity; 2014 is our first year of full operation. But we do not intend to be just another publisher. We have entered this challenging field with the ambition of making our mark. This ambition colours our every endeavour. From the writing of texts, to designing of layouts, selection of paper to printing; everything we do we make an utmost effort to build in quality. Because Quality is what separates winners from losers. It separates progress from stagnation. It separates bright future from a dismal one. Our Quality will not only ensure bright future for ourselves, but more importantly for our students.

Ascentis Global’s textbooks will be marketed under the imprint/brand of LearningWell. “Well” in LearningWell is used both as a noun and an adverb. By noun it means a source of learning and as an adverb it denotes doing the learning in a really good manner.

Ascentis Global employs the best professionals and subject matter experts to create excellent textbooks for the modern child. We are trail blazers in the current trends of e-publishing and Activity based Learning paradigm. Our Net Extra and SchoolTalk attest to this. Do a thorough review of Ascentis Global offerings. You will realize what more and more people are realizing, that Ascentis Global is in tune with the educational demands of today… and tomorrow.