Net Extra for Learning Well LearningWell is textbooks imprint/brand. “Well” in LearningWell is used both as a noun and an adverb. By noun it means a source of learning and as an adverb it denotes doing the learning in a really good manner. LearningWell is the first company in Pakistan to offer blended learning, Ascentis has developed its technical platform branded as Net Extra.

Net Extra is a first of its kind software. It provides a complete educational platform with a school ERP system. The software provides distant learning system complete with assessment and communication system. It tracks performance of students and teachers and provides the school administration easy tools to manage the school resources. Complete with an accounting system and a detailed fee management system Net Extra is a product that transforms an ordinary school into a high-tech school enhancing performance of every single individual operating in a school eco system.

NetExtra is meant to provide the extra learning space in cyber which traditional books are not able to. It provides a learning experience blended with traditional textbooks, educative videos, and online student assessment system. An effective way of tackling rote learning, NetExtra is there to promote enhanced learning pace and can be accessed from tablets and phones as well.

Prima Billing Prima is a utility billing software. Utility business has billing requirements specific to the industry and Prima is designed to meet the industry needs. It is customizable to business processes and workflow. It is scalable and can cater to the needs of companies having very large customer base

Online Coaching Center – OLCC OLCC is a pioneering product in Pakistan. It is an educational platform that enables high school students to organize their efforts for preparation of exams and are fully supported with quality teaching material.

Middle East Vendors (ME Vendors) Middle East Vendors is an online market place for corporate suppliers and buyers. The product is in under development and shall be available for use by end of the year.